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Our Backyard books

About Our Backyard books

Our books are place-based travel stories for children. It seems like the lives of many kiwi kids are more and more confined to narrow spaces - the shopping mall, and the the all powerful internet. But we know there are alternatives. We aim to create deeper connections to Aotearoa by engaging children with ideas of travel. Through our books we want to nurture an early connection to Aotearoa - a connection to our backyard for all kiwi kids.


So to do this, our books are designed to be memory and identity-building. We focus on telling stories that children will love, and that build their sense of belonging to New Zealand. Even when travel may be restricted or limited, kiwi kids can learn about their important place in the world. No matter where they may live, Our Backyard books connects all kiwi kids back to Aotearoa. We also support the tiaki promise . . .