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  • What do you mean when you say the Our Backyard books are place-based?
    Developing a sense of place is important to a child’s growing sense of belonging and identity. Generally children are eager to learn about their environment and through their experiences they come to know that they have connections to the physical world - that they are a part of, and share, a wider cultural life. This reinforces their sense of place - an identification with a place of attachment. Raising questions through place-based stories also helps develop a child’s geo-literacy strengths - What do I know about my country? What has happened in the past here? How does this relate to me? We want children to connect with Aotearoa, to remember stories, and to encourage a sense of adventure in years to come.
  • Are Our Backyard books only for children living in New Zealand?
    No. We want all kiwi kids, no matter where they may live, to connect with Aotearoa. Our international networks suggest a strong interest in the books from expat parents and families. For parents and families living overseas, the books are intended to create a strong Aotearoa connection. Even though some kiwi children may never return to live in New Zealand, our books have been written to strengthen their sense of place - a place of belonging and connection.
  • What forms of payment do you take?
    We prefer credit cards but we can do online banking. Just contact us by email for our account details. Where sales are done in person - at a book fair for example - we only take cash. We'll acknowledge your payment by email and this plus your banking records, constitute your receipt.
  • Do you have delivery across the whole of New Zealand?
    Yes we do. We can post up to 6 books to most places for NZ$7.20. Rural delivery costs $4.30 more. Please make sure that the delivery address and receiver’s name are accurate and complete (including any business name if you ask us to deliver to a work address). If your want us to send you more than 6 books, email us and we will confirm the cost.
  • What is your returns policy?
    We don't allow returns because we know you and the children you buy the books for will love them and won't ever want to give them back!
  • Do you collect information about customers?
    Yes we do but we collect only the information we require to allow you to buy our books. We take your privacy seriously. We would love to keep in touch with you about new books in the series. If you want to receive information about new books, join our mailing list here.
  • Do you deliver to other countries?
    Yes we do because we think all Kiwi kids should have our books no matter where they live. Postage will be calculated at the time of purchase according to weight and region.
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