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Ella & Tai's BIG Trip South

  • There are some wonderful places to visit in the South Island. This time Ella and Tai go down South on an adventure with their Grandparents. They find there are lots of BIG things to see. Their Grandpa plays a trick on them, but Ella and Tai have a trick of their own. 


    The road from Christchurch to Dunedin takes you through Waitaki’s fabulous Geopark, where you can see the unique geological features that Ella and Tai saw on their big trip down South - the famous Elephant Rocks and the Moeraki Boulders (  Waitaki’s largest town is Oamaru, which has an annual Steam Punk Festival (, and there are lots of things to do and see. 


    When you reach Dunedin, you will find lots of family-friendly walks (, and there are penguins and albatross to see. Dunedin even has its own castle! (

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