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Ella & Tai see Golden Bay

  • Golden Bay is one of the most beautiful parts of the South Island, and this time Ella and Tai go camping with their grandparents at Pohara Beach. After they pitch their tent, Grandma tells them a story of a taniwha. Little does she know they have a surprise for her - the taniwha is closer to home than she thinks!

    Our books connect Kiwi kids to ‘their place’ and all the wonderful things they can see and do in their own backyard. Ella and Tai stayed at the fabulous Pohara Beach campsite, but there are lots of places to camp across Golden Bay, for example, check out DOC’s campsite at Tōtaranui beach at the northern end of the Tasman National Park. 

    There are also places that children will love to visit in and around Takaka (see Take a look at the Labyrinth - you might even spot a taniwha!

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