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Ella & Tai go to Rakiura Stewart Island

  • Rakiura Stewart Island is one of Aotearoa’s most beautiful places to visit. This time, Ella and her cousin Tai take a visit to their Uncle and Auntie’s place on the island, where they go on adventures to see beaches, bush and birds. They search and search for a kiwi, and then, just when they have nearly given up, they find a surprise much closer to home than they ever thought possible. 


    Off the coast of Bluff in New Zealand’s South Island, Rakiura is a place to see pristine coastal forest, and an abundance of bird life, including albatross, penguins and our very own kiwi. Our books connect Kiwi kids to ‘their place’ and all the wonderful things they can see and do in their own backyard. There are wonderful adventures to be found on Rakiura, including a chance to experience the Rakiura Dark Sky Sanctuary. There are also great walks on the Department of Conservation website. 

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